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Family Dentist in Honeoye Falls, NY

Have you been looking for a dentist in Honeoye Falls, Mendon, or the surrounding area that can provide you and your family with comprehensive dental care? Here at HFL Dental, Dr. Gregory Lowenguth and his team specialize in family dentistry, which means that we can provide proper and advanced dental care to every member of your family, from one-year-olds to seniors.

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Dental Care for All in One Place
Isn’t it time you stopped running all over town to get your family the dental care they need? Instead of taking the kids to one dentist and visiting a different dentist for your own health needs, our family dentist can streamline this process. After all, Dr. Lowenguth has undergone extensive training to be able to provide dental care to patients of all ages, from little kids to seniors. We know what growing mouths need to stay healthy, and we also have the tools and techniques to provide your little one with trustworthy and gentle care. Instead of seeing different dentists, the whole family can turn to us.

Make Seeing the Dentist Easier
Take a look at your current schedule. Is it filled with work meetings, school, social gatherings, and playdates? We get it; you’re busy! However, it’s still critical that you and your family prioritize your oral health. Our family dentist, Dr. Lowenguth, and his team understand that you’re busy but that your oral health still takes precedence. All of our patients are busy, but we can work with even the busiest schedules to find times that work best for everyone.

Dental Care You Can Trust
Nothing is more important than finding a doctor that you trust, and the same goes for finding a dentist. After all, a dentist is someone that you’re going to turn to at least twice a year for checkups and preventive care, and you want to feel understood and heard. Here at HFL Dental, we take your oral health seriously. Since we are a family dentistry practice, you can never outgrow us. This can be a major relief for kids and teens, since they can continue to come to us even once they’ve become an adult. When you turn to us, you have a dentist for life!

If you are looking for a family dentist in Mendon or Honeoye Falls, NY, then call HFL Dental today at (585) 624-1917 to schedule evaluations or cleanings with Dr. Lowenguth. We can’t wait to welcome you to our practice!


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