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By HFL Dental
August 01, 2018
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This tooth-shaped restoration can restore strength back into a damaged crowns

Did you just find out you need root canal treatment? Is one of your teeth severely malformed or discolored? Have you just cracked your tooth? If you said “yes” to any of these questions then it’s important that you get your smile the proper dental care you need to turn your smile around. For these scenarios, you may need to get a dental crown from our Mendon, NY, family dentist Dr. Carl Murano. What is a dental crown? We are here to answer that question and more.

What is a dental crown?

Most people have heard of a dental crown, a tooth-shaped cap that fits completely over the crown of your natural tooth, but they may not know why a crown is used. More often than not a crown is placed to strengthen and support a tooth that has been weakened by decay, infection or trauma. Once the integrity of a tooth’s natural structure is in jeopardy, a dental crown can be placed over it to encase it and provide protection from further damage.

Of course, a dental crown may also be used for cosmetic purposes, as well. If a damaged tooth is also misshapen or discolored then a crown can be placed over it not just to restore the tooth’s durability but also to improve its overall shape, size, and color.

Crowns are also instrumental in treating tooth loss. No matter whether you and our Mendon, NY, dentist have decided that a dental bridge or dental implant is the right approach for treating your tooth loss, crowns can be placed over a dental implant to complete the restoration and they can also be placed on natural teeth to support a dental bridge (a dental prosthetic that contains false teeth that are cemented between the two crowns).

How are dental crowns placed?

Before crowns can be placed a few things need to happen first. We will need to prepare the tooth to make room for the crown to fit over it. From there, we will need to take molds of your teeth, which will give a dental lab the exact measurements needed from which to create a custom-fitted dental crown. All crowns are customized to fit your smile.

In most cases, a temporary crown is placed over the tooth to protect it while your permanent crown is being made. Once the permanent crown has been fabricated and sent back to us we will have you come back in for a final fitting before cementing it permanently over your tooth. With the proper care, dental crowns can last for many years.

Do you have questions about getting a dental crown in Mendon, NY? Do you want to find out if dental crowns are right for your smile? If so, turn to Dr. Carl Murano at HFL Dental for the answers you need to make the right decisions about your oral health.

There are a number of different ways to restore and strengthen your smile when there's damage, cosmetic imperfections or missing crowns and bridgesteeth. Three common treatments offered by Dr. Carl Murano at HFL Dental, a family dentist office serving Mendon, NY, are dental crowns and bridges, and dental bonding. Learn more about these three restorative options and how they can help you feel confident in your smile again.

Dental Crowns
A dental crown is an all-around covering for a tooth that has been damaged or doesn't fit in with the rest of the smile. It's often called a cap because like a hat it fits snugly over the original tooth. Most modern crowns are made of porcelain, but some are made of metal or composite resin. They are most often used to cover a   tooth after a root canal procedure or improve the appearance of a badly discolored or misshapen tooth.

A dental bridge is a way to fill in a space caused by one or more missing teeth. A conventional or traditional bridge is made up of two crowns and a pontic (false tooth) at the center. A cantilever bridge has the pontic on the end instead of in the middle. In some cases, bridges can be installed with the support of dental implants. Your Mendon family dentist will contour the bridge to fit right in with your smile.

Dental bonding is a procedure where a composite resin material is placed on the surfaces of the teeth, usually for cosmetic reasons. It is often used to fill in small gaps caused by poorly shaped teeth or to shore up the surfaces of a small tooth. After the material is bonded, it can be shaped and contoured as needed. Bonding is a temporary solution compared to veneers or crowns—a bonding treatment can last for five or more years with good care.

Which One Is Right for You?
There's a good chance that one or more of these three treatments will be right for you. If you're located in Mendon, NY, call HFL Dental at (585) 624-1917 today to find out for sure.