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By HFL Dental
March 24, 2020
Category: General Dentistry
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Find out how to properly care for your child’s teeth and gums from birth.

Even before your child’s teeth start to come in, you should still be providing their mouths with proper care, especially between feedings. Of course, this isn’t something that all parents, especially first-time parents, know. This is where our Mendon, NY, family dentist, Dr. Carl Murano can help. Our dental team works with many families living in and around Mendon, NY, to provide dental care, checkups, screenings, and advice to keep children’s growing smiles healthy.

Keep Gums Clean

From the moment your baby is born, you should start practicing healthy oral care for your little one. This means wiping gums with a soft, damp cloth between feedings, as well as in the morning and again at night before bed. This habit should happen as soon as your baby is born, even before teeth start to come in.

Visit the Dentist

Knowing when to bring your child to the dentist for the first time is important. Here at our Mendon, NY, dental practice, children should come in for their first checkup by their first birthday. However, f their teeth start to erupt sooner, then you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. This first checkup is important because it allows your child to become accustomed to visiting the dentist. After all, the sooner you start to acclimate your little one to seeing the dentist, the better.

Oral Hygiene in Children

Once teeth come in, it’s time to start brushing. Of course, your baby won’t be able to brush their teeth for many years, so it’s your responsibility to keep them clean. This means brushing them twice a day (just like you do your own) with a pediatric soft-bristled toothbrush and water. You won’t need to start incorporating fluoridated toothpaste into their routine until two years old. The CDC provides some handy information about just how much toothpaste to use depending on your child’s age.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Once your child starts eating solid foods, it’s important that they receive a healthy, balanced diet. If you aren’t sure what to include in your child’s diet, it’s important that you talk with your pediatrician. In order to prevent decay and other problems, it’s important to limit sugar and starches, which increase plaque buildup. Instead, opt for a balanced diet full of vegetables, lean sources of protein, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and fruits. Additionally, try to limit snacking to reduce the amount of plaque buildup that will remain on teeth all day long until it’s time to brush.

Time for a Checkup? Give Us a Call

HFL Dental’s family dentist is proud to serve Honeoye Falls and Mendon, NY. If you are looking for a family dentist that can provide every member of your family, from infants to seniors, with comprehensive dentistry, then call us today at (585) 624-1917.

By HFL Dental
April 04, 2019
Category: General Dentistry
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What can a family dentist do for you? If he's Dr. Carl Murano of HFL Dental in Honeoye Falls, NY, he will keep the oral health of you, your familychildren, and your parents on track. Dr. Murano and his team provide the kindest and the finest preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services available, and they love developing long-term relationships with their patients. With care like that, why take your loved ones anywhere else?

From Our Family to Yours

Great oral health care builds on the foundation of a smile that's free of decay, gum disease, and other common problems. To keep everyone's teeth and gums at their best, your Honeoye Falls, NY, dentist recommends six-month cleanings and examinations as advised by the American Dental Association. These check-ups remove harmful plaque and tartar, check on the condition of restorations such as fillings and crowns, look at dental alignment, and note signs or gum disease.

Plus, you'll be assured that your kids have proper jaw and tooth development and the protective treatments they need (fluoride treatments and sealants to ward off decay). Teens through senior adults receive simple, but thorough, oral cancer screenings to detect any changes in soft tissue that could threaten overall health.

Besides Preventive Care...

Your Honeoye Falls, NY, family dentist delivers restorative care which preserves as much natural tooth structure as possible. Tooth-colored fillings, porcelain crowns, periodontal care (scaling and root planing), root canal therapy, and modern dental implants bring smiles back to the appearance and function nature intended. Mouth guards, dentures, bridgework, and TMJ treatments round out the list of services patients of all ages may need over time.

How Smiles Look

Your care plans are based on your oral health needs and what changes you'd like to see in your smiles. As a family dentist, Dr. Murano considers smile appearance as an important factor in self-esteem and overall well-being. So, he'll discuss with each member of your family how smile aesthetics could improve.

Tooth color, alignment, shape, and size blend together into a smile that people notice. To remake any defects, Dr. Murano offers several cosmetic dentistry services such as composite resin bonding and something very popular with teens and adults--teeth whitening. HFL Dental features Opalescence PF, an at-home whitening system which uses custom-crafted trays, whitening gel, fluoride and a desensitizing agent--the perfect formula for a brighter smile.

Ready for Great Family Dentistry?

You'll find it at HFL Dental in Honeoye Falls, NY. The team is eager to show you how welcoming and accommodating a family dental practice can be. Call to schedule your appointments at (585) 624-1917 today!