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Protect Your Implants From Gum Disease

Dental implants are one of the more effective methods used for replacing a missing or damaged tooth. However, it is essential to protect your dental implants from gum disease. Patients in Mendon, NY, should have healthy gums and jawbones to ensure the success of their dental implants restoration. Dr. Gregory Lowenguth at HFL Dental in Honeoye, NY, can help protect your new dental implants from the effects of gum disease. 

Can you get dental implants with gum disease? 

If you have any oral issues that could impair the success of your dental implants, they may prevent you from getting the implant. However, treatments help improve your chances of getting dental implants, even if you have gum disease. Depending upon the condition of your jawbone, you may have to have some bone grafting completed. If the gum disease is severe, you may have to undergo some periodontal treatment to help make your mouth healthy enough to receive the dental implant. 

Why do you need healthy gums for dental implants?

Strong bones and healthy tissues are vital to ensure the implant treatment is a success. Because the implant is screwed into the jaw, there needs to be enough bone to secure the implant. If the gums are not healthy, it could cause more damage to the jaw, which could cause problems with the sturdiness of the implant. Those in Mendon, NY, can speak with their dentist about their oral health and if they could receive dental implants restoration. 

Are there dental implant risks if you have gum disease? 

The most significant risk associated with receiving a dental implant with gum disease is the implant may fail. Periodontal disease increases the chance of the implant failing and means the procedure has to be redone. However, redoing the dental implant treatment can add more time and costs to receiving a second implant. 

Gum disease can negatively affect the success of a new dental implant procedure. Anyone in Mendon, NY, undergoing dental implants restoration should check with their dentist to ensure their gums are healthy enough to ensure the success of the treatment. Call (585) 624-1917 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lowenguth at HFL Dental in Honeoye, NY, to discuss how gum disease can affect dental implants and protect your new implants.