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Do I Have a Cavity?

Do you know the symptoms of a cavity? While a toothache is an obvious symptom, there are a few signs and symptoms that aren't so obvious. Dr. Carl Murano, your Honeoye Falls and Mendon, NY family dentist, discusses common cavity signs and symptoms.

What are the signs and symptoms of a cavity?Cavity

Signs and symptoms of a cavity include:

  • Tooth Pain: An aching, throbbing tooth often means you have a cavity, but these symptoms usually only occur if you have a fairly large cavity. Because there's often no pain when the cavity is small, it's important to visit your family dentist every six months. During those visits, your dentist will look for signs of cavities and other problems that affect your teeth and gums.
  • Spots on Your Teeth: White, black or brown spots on your teeth can be a sign of tooth decay.
  • Holes in Your Teeth: Tooth decay eats away at tooth enamel causing small holes, or cavities, in teeth. If you can see a hole, no matter how tiny, you have a cavity.
  • Pain When Eating: If chewing or putting a pressure on a tooth causes pain, a cavity may be the cause.
  • Tooth Sensitivity: Does your tooth hurt after you eat or drink sugary, hot or cold foods and beverages? Although many people don't associate sensitivity with cavities, it can be a symptom of tooth decay. Once enamel is destroyed, tubes in the dentin that transmit sensations to the nerves in your pulp are exposed, causing pain every time you take a bite.

How are cavities treated in Honeoye Falls and Mendon?

Removing the decayed area and replacing it with a filling material restores your tooth and stops pain and other sensitivity. Silvery amalgam fillings were the only type of material available for years, but today, dentists also offer tooth-colored composite resin fillings. If you have a cavity on your tooth root, your dentist will use ionomer fillings comprised of acrylic acids and glass powders.

Cavities are easier to treat when they're small, plus they'll also cause less damage to your teeth. If it's been a while since your last exam, call Dr. Murano, your Honeoye Falls and Mendon, NY family dentist, at (585) 624-1917 to make an appointment.