What You Need to Know About Periodontal Care

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What You Need to Know About Periodontal Care

How periodontal care from your Honeoye Falls and Mendon dentist can help yougum disease

Everyone knows teeth are important, but your gums are important too! Your gums and supporting bone are what hold your teeth in place. Without adequate support, your teeth can become loose, and even fall out. Your gums, the ligaments around your teeth, and the supporting bone are known as the periodontium. Periodontal care refers to what you need to do to take care of the support for your teeth.

Dr. Carl Murano at HFL Dental in Honeoye Falls, NY wants to share the facts about periodontal care. He proudly serves the residents of Honeoye Falls and Mendon and he can help you too.

Periodontal disease typically starts out as gum disease. There are a few important differences between gum disease and periodontal disease. Gum disease only affects your gums, and it is reversible by regular brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist and dental hygienist for an exam, x-rays and professional cleaning once or twice each year.

Periodontal disease affects your gums, but it also affects your supporting bone and ligaments that hold your teeth in place. Unlike gum disease, periodontal disease cannot be reversed; it can only be managed.

Both gum and periodontal disease are caused by harmful bacteria in the plaque attached to your teeth. These bacteria produce toxins that inflame and infect the hard and soft tissues in your mouth. That’s why thorough plaque removal with regular brushing and flossing are so important in preventing gum and periodontal disease.

When you visit Dr. Murano, he will perform a thorough periodontal examination as part of your dental exam. Using x-rays, he will be able to assess if you have lost any bone due to periodontal disease. He will also measure the level of soft tissue attachment to your teeth. Both of these diagnostic tools will help determine what level of periodontal care you need.

Typically, patients with periodontal disease will need more extensive dental cleanings, due to the presence of deep pocket areas of soft tissue surrounding your teeth. These deep pockets are full of harmful bacteria and toxins. You may also have hard deposits, called calculus or tartar, attached to your teeth.

You may begin periodontal treatment with root planing, a process to remove hard and soft deposits and smooth the roots of your teeth. After root planing is complete, Dr. Murano may suggest more frequent cleaning intervals of every three months to every four months, depending on the level of disease.

To find out if you need periodontal care, call Dr. Murano, at HFL Dental, serving residents of Honeoye Falls and Mendon, NY. Don’t wait, call today!